Nuclear Engineering

Do you require a reliable nuclear decommissioning engineering partner for your latest or ongoing projects? By using our expert team of engineers here at Oldham Engineering, you can rely on us time and time again for your nuclear manufacturing requirements.

Nuclear is not only now, but it’s the future of power. Governments across the globe are making plans to utilise this energy and expand on our knowledge on using nuclear power as a source. Our nuclear manufacturing and nuclear engineering are well known within the industry. We’ve worked with many established companies across the globe on many different projects, providing a range of precision engineered components.

Since the factory was established in 1861, we’ve seen substantial growth for the need of professional engineering and grown with the nuclear industry. All of our nuclear projects are completed within our modern manufacturing bases in the UK.

We have the structure and compatibility to complete nuclear industry bespoke fabrications, nuclear decommissioning engineering, nuclear heavy machining, nuclear welding, nuclear turnkey solutions and more, covering a vast area of nuclear manufacturing.

We are entrusted as a key supplier to the nuclear industry in particular; an associated member of the Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) in Sheffield, and are fully committed to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s supply chain charter.

Don’t hesitate to call us today on +44 (0) 161 627 5822 or email, if you have any questions.