Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Energy is the future of power, and a majority of governments across the world have made plans to include it as their future energy supply mix. If you require nuclear engineering or nuclear manufacturing, you can rely on our expertise here at Oldham Engineering.

Oldham Engineering was established in 1861, and has since expanded rapidly to create a wide range of precision products for use in everything from offshore generators to mining. One of the leading industry sectors we work within includes the nuclear industry, and all our nuclear projects are completed from our modern Oldham and Sheffield manufacturing bases in the UK.

Nuclear manufacturing is a hugely important branch of the company and we have made a variety of products for the nuclear industry, which have helped facilities to prosper, stay safe and create energy.

We offer nuclear bespoke fabrications, nuclear decommissioning engineering, nuclear heavy machining, nuclear welding, nuclear turnkey solutions and much more, covering a vast area of nuclear manufacturing.

We are one of the engineering companies who are entrusted as a key supplier to the Defence and Nuclear Industry. We’re an associated member of the Nuclear AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) in Sheffield and are fully committed to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s supply chain charter.