How Our Nuclear Manufacturing Can Aid Your Company’s Work

The nuclear industry is a burgeoning market for energy development. The number of nuclear plants around the world make it integral for countries and their creation of power. A combination of nuclear, hydro and solar power is the likely future for the world as it tries to keep up with rising energy needs.

At Oldham Engineering, we understand how integral each part of machinery is in the creation of nuclear power and have established ourselves as one of the leading nuclear manufacturing teams in the UK. Our team of industry experts and our factory space allows us to craft and create products that are required by companies to improve and streamline their processes.

Choose our nuclear manufacturing at Oldham Engineering to help you develop products that can be trusted for your every development. You can trust our service because of our commitment to the Nuclear Decommissioning Act (NDA) and a member of the NAMRC. These organisations help to keep our work at the top level and ensure that it abides by the strict guidelines that come with nuclear productions.

If you’re looking for nuclear decommissioning engineering, nuclear small machining, nuclear turnkey solutions, nuclear bespoke fabrication, nuclear heavy machining or nuclear containment boxes, you can put your faith in our team at Oldham Engineering.

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