Professional And Accredited High Integrity Fabrication In The UK

Fabrication is vitally important for businesses across the world. Buildings, products, items, machines, repair work and everything in between uses some form of fabrication.

High integrity fabrication, however, is a different thread of work that requires clinical accuracy and an abundance of capabilities. At Oldham Engineering Limited we want to give you the tools and abilities to complete projects to the highest standards.

We have become a leading provider of high integrity fabrication due to our experience providing bespoke solutions across the UK and beyond. We tailor all our work across multiple industries to ensure that you are equipped with an experienced team in the industry.

Why choose Oldham Engineering Limited?

Our team of expert engineers are trusted to provide the best support for companies across the world. Our high integrity fabrication services are supported not only by our work in this profession, but by our accreditations.

We can boast welding accreditations EN 1090 and 3834-2 for any project. No matter what industry we are working within or the scale of the project, our team at Oldham Engineering Limited will give you the best chance of seeing your desired products created on time to your specifications.

If you would like to discover more about our accreditations and the previous products we have helped with our high integrity fabrication work, speak with our team today.