Professional And Assured High Integrity Fabrication Services

Any project in the world of engineering will have a number of stages. Each of these needs to be organised at the beginning and taken through until the end. At Oldham Engineering Limited we work hard to ensure all our projects give you confidence every step of the way.

Our high integrity fabrication services at Oldham Engineering Limited are ideally suited to the changing, varying and evolving needs of projects across the UK.

We work hard to ensure that our standing and reputation in the industry develops alongside the needs of the clients we work with. Our high integrity fabrication services are trusted to offer support for the nuclear and defence sectors – two areas that require our quality and experience at each and every stage.

High integrity fabrication services by Oldham Engineering Limited

Our services are supported by many elements. From our experience in the engineering world through to our ability to tailor our machinery to the specific needs of each client, you can place trust in our team.

We are able to inspire a positive change as you look for high-integrity fabrication services, no matter the scale of the project.

Whether you are searching for support in defence and nuclear industries or you simply want to understand the potential of our fabrication services and our welding accreditations (EN 1090 and 3834-2), choose Oldham Engineering Limited.

Discover more about our full range of fabrication services for multiple industries by getting in contact with us today.