Professional Turnkey Engineering Solutions For Your Needs

Supporting the requirements and changing needs of our clients across the world, our team at Oldham Engineering Limited have grown through our years in the business. We understand the importance of turnkey engineering solutions and project management, making it one of our biggest services.

What is involved in our turnkey engineering solutions?

We have made huge strides in terms of project management and technology in our many years in the business. We understand how big a difference our turnkey solutions can make to any project, no matter its size or the specific requirements you may have.

To support the needs of any project, our turnkey engineering solutions cover all bases, including:

  • Complete supply chain management
  • Complex assembly services
  • Project management services
  • Identification and boxing
  • Testing and verification
  • Fitting and assembly
  • Lifetime records

We work with global businesses and their turnkey requirements as well as many teams from across the UK. Our experience in this sector has allowed us to prosper and grow, helping many projects from vague plans into a fully formed product ready for use.

Our turnkey engineering solutions at Oldham Engineering Limited are perfectly suited to helping any scale of project through its various stages. No matter the size or specific timescales, we can work to find a solution.

To discover more about our service at Oldham Engineering Limited, get in contact with us today.