Put Your Faith In Our Nuclear Decommissioning Engineering

The nuclear industry relies on many different factors from planning to engineering, usage to decommissioning. This final aspect is one that has to be specially and carefully managed because there are many potential dangers associated with nuclear products and the radiation they emit.

At Oldham Engineering Limited we are tasked with designing and creating nuclear decommissioning engineering products to complex specifications which help to protect the goods for the foreseeable future. It’s an integral element of the whole process and one that needs to be controlled by a professional team.

Our nuclear engineering for decommissioning products is supported by our experience in this area. By trusting our professional team, you will begin to find the best possible solutions for your ongoing nuclear needs.

Why trust our team at Oldham Engineering Limited?

We can lay claim to a number of assurances for our work in the nuclear industry. Our professional team can display our trust in the industry through these charters and commitments below:

  • NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) supply chain charter
  • Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites Signatory
  • F4N – Fit for Nuclear

There are plenty of ways our team can support governments and their nuclear output. By choosing our team at Oldham Engineering Limited, you can be proud of the difference our team can make to the future of your goods.

To find out more, get in contact with us today.