Why We’re Chosen To For Aerospace Jigs And Fixtures

There are only a select few teams of engineers in the world that can reach the standards that our team at Oldham Engineering can. We’ve been tasked with huge and complex jobs for over 150 years and the trust in our team to create quality products has only grown in this time.

Our large machine forging has been one of our foundation points from which we’ve developed which makes it one of the most important for our repeat and new customers. Chosen by huge corporations and small companies for their projects, Oldham Engineering is the ideal place to begin your project.

Our years of experience and high standard of machining equipment puts us in a well suited position for the machining of your large forgings. With machining capacity of up to 10 meters in length and lifting capacity of up to 45 tonnes, we can handle some of the largest forgings available and machine them to your specific requirements.

While our large machine forging is chosen by teams large and small across the UK, we’re also trusted with other aspects of engineering, such as: defence engineering, engineered solutions, heavy fabrication, machined components, aerospace fabrication and aerospace tooling.

Our vast range of professional engineering solutions are waiting to help your project reach its potential on time. Get in contact with us to discover more.